Keynote speaker and lectures

Do you need a keynote speaker to your event or a lecture on a specific topic? I can give you both! You can find my areas of expertise below where I can push thoughts into motion.

Send me a message and let’s discuss more in detail!

Changing world

Our world spins around intricate mechanisms, ideas control our thoughts, and our present is the result of our past. Understanding the motion of our world is both useful and an eye opening experience for all of us.


Climate change and overconsumption threaten our way of life – our life has to change whether we want it or not. This is a “wicked problem” without clear bounds, there is no definite end for it and no solution is guaranteed to work. New perspectives and strategies are required – I can tell you more about these.


Money has to keep flowing, politics is an eternal know which can’t be untied, and media is the stage for the world’s biggest drama. Why does the society work as it does? I don’t have the solutions for you, but I can guide you to the right questions.

Digital and “real” reality

Social media is our main way of communication and video games are a gate to another world. Data is harvested from everything and designed addiction is the business model of the tech industry. What should we think about this? Is this the future we want to live in? This is a topic I perceive through years of personal experience.

Human connection

A charismatic speaker controls both our thoughts and actions – the effect of one human to another is mind boggling. People also act weird with other people. Whether you want to lead or inspire people there has to be a connection.

Mental health and survival

I am not a psychologist nor a therapist, but processing the wounds of my life has been and still is my biggest project. Repression, discrimination, bullying, death of a parent, alcoholism in the family – these are the topics that I have grown with. If I can encourage someone in their own hardships, it would be an honor.