A portrait photo of Kasper holding his left hand on his chin, thinking. Wearing a red shirt and a small red silk wristband.

Kasper Kylmälä

Systems thinker and public speaker.

From this page you can find out who I am, what I do, and what flows in my mind.

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Who am I?

I am a 28 year old societal thinker with a lot of things to say. Solving problems is my thing and the big problems of the world my passion. As a professional I am an engineer, at work a philosopher, and during free time I’m a musician.

For me it is a joy to see the world through someone elses eyes. I find it easy to identify with other people, I understand their thoughts and emotions. I enjoy conversations, talking, and spreading ideas.

What do I believe in?

The right for a good life for every human is an idea close to my heart. However, climate change and over consumption threatens what we consider good in our lives. I fear that environmental crises steer humanity to a shortage of food, water, and energy. A new era of scarcity would push us towards crises and conflicts never seen before. This is the biggest political question of our time and we should act like it!

What can I do?

I enjoy givig lectures, workshops, and speeches. I have worked in educational and leadership roles as well as an employer since I was 15. Talking is a natural way for me to process and learn things. I want to use this skill to help people!

Take a look here to see what topics are of my expertise.

My friends call me two things: 1) an expert of many fields; 2) I’m capable of being wrong. If one wants to understand the world one has to recognise when one’s understanding needs an update and rebuild one’s world view if necessary. I am an expert in this. This is not the way to win every debate you get into. But it is the way to truly understand the world and people in it.